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2017, just like 2016 will see a short supply of homes for sale. The Land List For Sale will be even shorter.
Denver is being discovered, as a lifestyle magnet, so much more affordable than east or west coasts where the home prices are even higher.

Why Denver? The lifestyle is active, healthy, organic, blue sky, yoga, sports and upbeat. Millenials are flocking here, naturally appealing to entrepreneurs and start ups. Denver is Coolness and we’re no longer a secret place with more snow than Buffalo, NY.

denverland_homeThanks to the synergy of many levels of government, Light Rail made a quantum expansion in December of 2006, and soon to be added, The Union Station development on 19.5 acres at the very heart of the metro wide system. Thanks in part to federal support, Fast Tracks will include commuter lines to Denver International Airport by 2017. Denver is truly becoming an urban gem of growing culture and integrated public transportation systems, all thanks to the combined leadership of the public and private sector.

With 31 successful years in Denver real estate, Dave brings experience to projects of all varieties, including a network of the most qualified agents in communities and niche markets throughout the metro area and beyond Colorado.

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